Baan Waan Thai

welcomes you to experience the truly authentic taste of Thai food.

All of the food is prepared by our Thai chef on the premises from fresh ingredients delivered to your door. (Hot, cold or frozen)

Thai food has become one of the most popular exotic cuisines in the world. The distinctive flavours of Thai dishes with hints of fresh coriander, coconut milk, fish sauce and lemon grass are the result of a special national talent for blending a great variety of spices and herbs.

Opening Hours

Hot food delivered daily

5pm to 9pm

Cold food delivered daily

10am to 3pm

We at Baan Waan Thai are always looking to provide our customers with an enjoyable experience. We would like to ask you for your comments and suggestions to help us improve the service we provide our customers. Please email or call us to let us know of any comments or suggestions you may have.

While on the site, why not take a look at our online menu and plan your meal in advance, with our whole selection of fine Thai dishes.

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